Dasco feat. Justina Maria - What I Need (Right Here, Right Now) (Rob Roar 'White Isle' Radio Edit)

Marcelo's been featured in Dasco's summer hit music video 'What I Need (Right Here, Right Now). Check out this awesome clip made by Vilde Randgaard, filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Doha, Lisbon and many other destinations around the world. 


Back Stage on The Jungle Book International Tour: 

"I've been asked to say a few words about my experience at AMTA, the drama school I recently  graduated from. I loved my time there and I had loads to say, but I couldn't fit it all into one minute. Therefore, we made this video instead - that way I think the message might actually stick, rather than hearing me go on and on about how much I loved my experience there. Thank-you to Harry Hart for suggesting this awesome idea and manning the camera, and thank-you very much to the company of The Jungle Book, without whom this wouldn't have been possible. I really appreciate it guys! You're awesome! We did this all in one take and it only took us 2 tries to get it right! Go team!"

"After 3 shows in a row, on a regular day, performing to over 1,000 children, we can't wait to get back to the pool! This is the get-out from one of the schools we've performed at during our tour of the Middle East. This is our usual schedule, up at 5:30 AM, breakfast, get-in in under one hour, warm up, average 2 shows a day, (with the re-occurring 3 show days and the exhausting 4 show days that sporadically do happen), and usually back by the pool before the banks have even opened in the UK! It is a privilege to be a part of such a talented company and to feel part of a team. Thank-you to the company of The Jungle Book and to Shakespeare 4 Kidz for providing me with this wonderful experience!"


"An excerpt from an awesome routine choreographed by the extremely talented James A. Kinney. 

As part of my course at The American Musical Theatre of London, we went to New York City for a week to train at Pearl Studios in Times Square. On top of everything I learnt, it was nothing short of the best week of my life! 

Thanks to Alex Nordin who was also part of giving this fantastic class, and a special thanks to my fellow colleagues and teachers for providing me with one of the best and certainly the most intense year of my life!"


Bué Sabi by Patricia Vidal Delgado

"Thank-you to Patricia Vidal Delgado as the director of Bué Sabi. An excerpt of the film with Marcelo as Student 2. Filmed summer 2012."


Playing Bob in 'Occupied' by Harry Buckoke: 

Originally performed in Cambridge at the Corpus Playroom, with Marcelo as part of the original cast, then performed at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Marcelo has been re-cast with the same part, which he had the privilege of bringing to life during the first run, being amongst the first to perform Harry Buckoke's 'Occupied', a brand new piece of writing which won the 'RSC/Marlowe' Award 2013. 

Playing Young Ben in 'Follies' by Stephen Sondheim

Performed at the ADC theatre in Cambridge UK, April 2013. Stephen Sondheim's 'Follies'. Presented by the Pied Pipers theatre society.

Voice over

A special thank-you to Vilde Randgaard, the director of Brazilian Dollar Body.

FOR THE EXTENDED 10 MINUTE VERSION (More of the interviews and shocking stories) GO TO:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zrAFN...

How is it possible that some believe that plastic surgery can compensate for an education? How can beauty be so important in a society that some will prioritise spending money on treatments and surgery rather than a house outside of the violent, rough slums of Rio de Janeiro. This short documentary tries to find out why Brazil has become the second biggest on beauty surgeries in the world.

"I will never forget the experience of working on this project. Firstly, acting solely through my voice is a challenge and also very interesting. The expression, diction and clarity has to be great and well rehearsed. Secondly, because Brazil is my home country and I was shocked at the statistics and facts researched by Vilde. This was also my first experience with voice-overs, so it will always be one to remember - there is a lot to learn!"