THe vone

Marcelo is the frontman of The Vone, a new band he's been putting together since December 2016. He also wrote all the songs in the band's debut E.P. "Awake". The band is beginning to gig around London. Find out more about their story and their gigs at

Listen to the full E.P. for free below and rock on!


the rumplings

Marcelo has composed the theme tune and music for 'The Rumplings' audiobook, a brand new illustrated kid's short story, created by Francisco Moreira. Francisco is one of Marcelo's closest friends and they co-composed the theme tune together (heard at the start of the audiobook). Marcelo then wrote the rest of the themes heard throughout the audiobook, helping bring Francisco's creation to life. They've always worked together, Francisco being a big part of the creation of this website and heading up the business end of 'A World Brought Together' - the project where Marcelo released a song for the World Cup in Brazil, which may be found below. The world created by Francisco is fascinating and the story is epic! Check out the audio book below and show your support by visiting the website and signing up to their mailing list at


I am now through to the final round of Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks musical, and I was having trouble learning all the harmonies for this song. I'm going up for a swing role, so I have to know Ray Davies', Dave Davies', Mick Avory's and Pete Quaife's harmonies for this song alone, along with a dozen other songs and monologues.

I thought it would be cool to record all the harmonies, given that there's no better way to know a song inside out. And I thought it would be cool to let you guys in on the audition process. 

It's a lot of work going through 3 phases of auditions, specially when you're up for a swing role. I have 19 different Kinks songs (as in different tracks, meaning could be the same song, but on drums, bass and with 3 different harmonies - which I would count as learning 5 different songs), and 9 different monologues in my brain as of today. I feel very prepared for Friday!

I hope you guys enjoy my cover of Rock'n'Roll Fantasy  - it's one of my favourite songs from the show!

"I've always been a fan of Death Cab For Cutie and coming back from Ireland today it shuffled on as I was hearing music. It made me nostalgic for my friends and family and inspired me to record a cover of it. I picked up my acoustic guitar, came up with a very similar arrangement to Death Cab's and then thought of adding the saxophone just as an experiment. 

Singing using this particular texture of my voice, similar to my previous cover of 'If You Leave', is also an experiment: trying to figure out how my voice sounds best when recording - it sounds very different when I sing live. 

This is also part of an ongoing battle I have not to be a perfectionist with my recordings and release my working progress, as opposed to holding on to hundreds of unfinished recordings because I never think they're good enough! 

I hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, you can download it for free by clicking here." 

21st March 2016

Marcelo is in the process of recording an EP with a few of his best compositions. The studio he's using is his bedroom. This is a sample of the quality of sound a young musician can produce himself now a days. Marcelo still has a lot to learn about sound engineering, this is a basic attempt at recording and mixing a cover of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark's 'If You Leave', based on Nada Surf's version.

If you guys like it, you can download it for free by clicking here


The group of people seen dancing in the video are from France. They'd seen Marcelo play in Portobello once before. When they returned to London the following year, they went back to Portobello in the hopes of finding Marcelo again - and they did! Marcelo usually busks on Portobello Road every Saturday, maybe you'll see him jumping around. 

Film by: Vilde Randgaard  

In August 2013 Marcelo received the opportunity of performing live on Qatar national television during the Eid celebrations, which mark the end of Ramadan. The performance took place at Wanasa Entertainment City, inside the Qatar Tourist Authority in Doha. A special thanks to Manar Moutaz Khafaji and Seqlia Ex for organizing a brilliant event and giving him this opportunity."

Film by: Vilde Randgaard


"One random evening at 1 am I had a melody stuck in my head that followed the classic baseline for a blues song. From baseline to lyrics I just kept going, I couldn't fall asleep until I got all the lyrics out of my head, and before I knew it I had a new song.

This is a comedy song of a single guy walking the streets of Brazil looking for some action. He thinks he's found the girl of his dreams only to find he's slightly surprised... This song is meant entirely in a light-hearted fashion and should not be taken literally - enjoy!"

Film By: Vilde Randgaard

Drummer: Miguel Oliveira

We are one, on a journey through the eyes of the world. United by one shot, one party, one moment.

Film By: Vilde Randgaard

Drummer: Miguel Oliveira

Bassist: Marek Woloszyn

"Playfulness is a key part of my creative process, and this song represents just that. It was great fun to step away from my usual styles of Jazz, Blues and Rock and try something with a Hip-Hop twist."

Film By: Vilde Randgaard

Drummer: Miguel Oliveira


For all of Marcelo's latest song's we'll be posting them here and sharing them on our facebook page. Feel free to listen as many times as you want. Most songs are free, but because we'd like to keep in touch and let you know all the latest news we might ask you for your email in exchange for a song every now and then.

Film Music

As an accomplished composer Marcelo often collaborates on film projects to write film music. Below you'll find a playlist of Marcelo's collaborations. We'll keep adding videos to the playlist as Marcelo keeps composing, so every once in a while come back and check it out - you never know what you might find!

Difficulty by Laura-Beth Cowley

Thank-you to Laura-Beth Cowley as the creator and animator of Difficulty.

"It was particularly interesting to work on this one. Laura had given me specific instructions on how she wanted the music. She wanted music only in the second half of the animation, and wanted something very simple. I had made it the way she asked for it, but felt like there was something missing. So at 6AM on a Friday, after having finished an essay and Laura's piece the previous night, I set out to work on an alternative musical piece to match her animation. This was when I decided to add the cartoon-like mickey-mousing and music from the beginning until the end of the film. When I showed it to Laura that afternoon she loved it!"

Monster by Erika Lewis

Exotica of Re-Wood by Vilde Randgaard

Thank-you to Vilde Randgaard as the filmmaker of Exotica of Re-Wood

A trailer about using recycled exotic woods that I made after investigating this topic for my university project. Filmed in the Tijuca Forest and city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"Its always a pleasure to work with Vilde, she is a very talented as journalist and film maker and knows exactly what she wants with her music and how to ask for it!"

Thank-you to Erika Lewis as the creator and animator of Monster

"This was my first ever experience composing for film, so it will forever be a special one! It was really interesting how we did it too, because recently I have always composed and recorded directly on a computer and using music technology. But on this project I composed with Erika side by side on a piano and recorded it there with the help of sound engineer Niall 'Wobbly' Ash."