Thoughts On Smoking

"Smokers are the epitome of what is wrong with the modern western society."

                                                                     - Me, I said that. 

You may think that a drug abuser, an alcoholic, or perhaps just an asshole would be worse than a smoker.

But no...

You see, in my opinion, unless you're a rapist, pedophile, murderer or a horrible person, smoking, is the next worst thing. 

Why, you may ask? I'm glad you care so much to know the answer... 

I am talking about the 'good-guy'-smoker, so not the corrupt-politician-smoker, or the rapist-smoker, or the child-abuse-smoker, or the… the list goes on and on, but no matter how much worse my examples get, none of these are the epitome of what is wrong with this society. At least, not from the perspective I am coming from.

No, the 'good-guy'-smoker is a 'normal' person. By 'normal', I mean a person who appears to be good, who lives out a 'good' life, does their 'job', is 'happy', 'contributes' to society, 'cares' for the world, does their 'charity', is 'good' to their fellow human beings, and for all intents and purposes, by a western standard, lives out a stereotypically 'healthy', everyday, contemporary life. 

And in being 'normal', they automatically don't fall into the horrible categories I named above. So, in the 'normal' western world, they are the epitome of what is wrong with it. Within the acceptable they are the epitome of the unacceptable. 

Now, let me clarify.

A drug addict and an alcoholic, do cause pain by proxy to those around them. That's something I consider bad and wrong. However, at least they are physically and chemically only hurting themselves.

Smokers on the other hand, cause everyone to inhale their gunk, without their consent. That is the main reason why I think they are so fucking horrible. It is the unspoken truth about our society. It is the pink elephant, in the room that we all live in. 

It has become acceptable to stand next to someone and slowly contribute to the degradation of their health and their premature death. How? I ask you! How has it become acceptable? 

Would you stand by and watch someone get fucked in the ass without their consent? Would you stand by watching a child get beaten up? No! Then why the fuck, is it acceptable to smoke next to someone else? 

I apologize for the rude and obscene language I am using, but it is simply a reflection of how enraged I am! 

If I were a smoker, I would make sure not smoke within a mile of anyone and I would certainly make sure not to smoke around children! Around children! How dare they? 

And to further my original statement, they are the epitome of what is wrong with this society because their vice, is a reflection of how rotten the human mind is slowly, but surely, becoming! 

It is a weak mind, that depends on a vice in order to get by, it is a guilty mind that depends on denial in order to be able to sleep well at night! Denial, telling themselves that they are not horrible people, following the norm, the socially acceptable norm that it is okay to disrespect your friends and fellow inhabitants of this planet, WITHOUT ANY FUCKING CONSEQUENCES!

Oh, but there will be consequences... You just wait and see... All you fuckers will surely one day do your time in hell. 

And I hope you do. That way, you will learn and never again take anything you do in your life for granted! 

You may think there are worse standards and morals to live by in the world... And if you do, I hear your argument... However, I want to stress the importance of this message. This isn't just about smoking, this is about our principals in life! We consider it wrong to hurt someone else, we preach ''love thy neighbours'', we strive to be good, we look down upon mediocrity and hypocrisy (two of the worst qualities someone can have, in my opinion), and yet, we are being and doing all of the above, by not protesting this absurdity, this monstrosity, this illustration of how bad human beings can be! 

If Gandhi did actually ever say, ''be the change you wish to see in the world'', then this is a good place to start! Before criticizing someone else, ask youself, what have I done today? Have I hurt anyone in anyway? Don't just assume that just because you haven't explicitly hurt anyone or done something 'society' deems wrong, you're in the clear. Just because everyone agrees with it, or accepts it, DOES NOT mean it is right. If I were to listen to what everyone thought, I would've cut my hair at the age of 10 because I looked like a girl, but that's a different story, I digress...  

It is literally the perfect real life example of the saying, ''would you jump off the bridge just because 'so and so' would?'' You know, that thing you tell your children when you're trying to teach them not to be influenced by others? 

Well guess what, WE FAILED! And we failed miserably at that! Everyone is influenced by their predecessors, and in this case the predecessors were the worst fucking pieces of shit this world has ever seen! FACK! It pisses me off beyond imagination.  

It shocks me that if someone flirts with someone else's girlfriend, they're automatically a dick head, but if they smoke next to their best friend, that's okay. It shocks me to see someone going to church to rid themselves of their sins, and pledge not to hurt anyone, and care for their neighbours, and yet, to see them leave the ceremony and the first thing they do is smoke a cigarette, which not only hurts them, but those around them. It shocks me that there are so many things we deem unacceptable in our society, and yet, smoking isn't one of them. It shocks me that marijuana is illegal in most places and smoking isn't. It shocks me that some people still think it's 'cool' to smoke. Hello! Newsflash! You're not Don Draper, this isn't the 1940's anymore, and even then, it wasn't cool... It was ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as it is now. But, most of all, it shocks me that no one cares enough to do anything about it! It is so 'acceptable' and so ingrained into our common psyche that no one even questions it anymore. It is so widely accepted, that I'm the one who looks like an asshole for writing this blog post! Well fuck that, I will speak my mind. Smoking should be banned, and if you want to smoke, you should have to do it in cold, solitary confinement, and you should die alone in the same way. 

To my friends, you know never to do it next to me. If I go to your house, that is different, I am in your space and you can do whatever the fuck you want to do. But even then, I urge you to have some fucking respect for your neighbours. 

To my friends who smoke, know this, I do not hold you in the high esteem I think you potentially deserve as people so long as you still do this. I just can't. I will always favour those who do not smoke. I do not hold you in as high an esteem as I do my friends and family who do not smoke, but I assume you don't care about my consideration of you anyway, seeing as you don't give a fuck about my health and you disrespect me on a regular basis. 

Please people, be stronger than that, grow a pair and move on with your lives! You don't need to hurt yourselves to be happy. You are all suicidal, and that's the worst sin there is. I feel sorry for you. I wish all of you the very best from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you will see the error of your ways. 


Ps: And don't just be complacent either! If you're going to listen to me, don't just stand back and spread the smoke around by waving yours arms (like most assholes do), stand the fuck away. Be strong. Or vape... Though, vaping is even worse than smoking, because it shows you can't even be brave and bold about your vice, it's double the weakness, it's an addiction and then an apology for the addiction, you can't even kill yourself properly, you're failing even at that... That's another one of my pet hates... If you're gonna smoke, buy your own fucking cigarettes and your own fucking lighter, don't go around asking people for one, it's embarrassing, it's shameful, you make me want to belong to a different species. 

If you're going to be bad, be bad, buy the best fucking cigarettes, the coolest fucking lighter and smoke only and exclusively next to children, the elderly and your best friends. Good-bye.