Thoughts On Artistic Value

"If the number one song is about your butt, that's a problem." 

                                                              - Dave Grohl

Let's talk about the artistic value of a YouTube channel. What do you think about that? Is the work of art you put on there cheapened, no matter how beautiful it is, by the medium it is being perceived in? 

Nice talking. Don't really have much else to say. This is one of those 'the beauty is in the eye of the beholder' situations. 

On second thought, I do have a lot to say about this: I had decided I was gonna try to get a slomo video of me jumping off the roof of my house into my pool, back in Portugal. I ended up not doing it - I know, would've been cool right?! Next time! 

But it got me thinking, if I had made that video and posted it, on a medium that is used to present me as an artist, where I share my art, would that have been art? Is that art? Of course, the video on its own can be art, I simply need to put it on a TV screen at the Tate Modern! It certainly can be some form of very cheap art, if I put it on my 'artistic channel'... But, in reality, it's just a video of me jumping off a roof, right? 

Ever since I studied art at university, I decided to define art as 'anything that expresses anything'. And the most important art is that which expresses something important. And something important is something the artist truly cares about. But, the catch is that it has to be honest, genuine, from the heart - no bullshitting! No pretending to care just so you can call yourself an artist and certainly no pretending to care just so you can make some money as an artist. 

That's why I absolutely loathe, with a passion (probably one of the only things I hate - and hate is a strong word), any music that is made without heart. One song that comes to mind is that 'it's all about the bass' monstrosity that plays on the radio all the time....Dave Grohl is right... And the worst part is that I have to play that shit everytime I get hired to play in a club - though, I'm not complaining, I believe I get paid to add some passion, craft and artistry to an otherwise barren combination of top of chart 'hits'. 

But, let us not forget that the producers behind these terrible songs are geniuses! Not only do they manage to make something that sells, but they also use loads of craft and technique for the creation of these crappy pop tunes. They are the ones upholding any form of discipline in that part of the industry! I mean, it takes some serious sound engineering, music theory and music technology knowledge to produce such great sounding pop tunes!

But, does all that hard work and discipline make it art though? You have shit loads of craft and technique, you know all the theory, but where is the feeling? One can't go without the other!

So, if I go back to my roof-adventure-video-idea, I can confidently say that that crap would express some serious euphoria - and that's an emotion right?! Certainly a more powerful emotion than any other shit that some of these 'artists' try to pretend they convey! I mean, they don't even fail to convey it, they fail to pretend to convey it - sometimes I can't even believe they are genuinely enjoying it themselves. 

However, where's the craft in my video? Sure, I'm a great climber, but that's that! In other words, my video idea is just as artistically questionable as the next appalling song that comes on on the radio. But, I'm cool with that because I personally would always favour expression and feeling over discipline, and at the end of the day, I'm making money by being myself, I'm making money by showing the world who I am. 

At least I haven't been told to prance around by someone who's given me a name and put some fake boobs and bleach blond hair on me...