Thoughts On Artistic Value (Part II)

                                   Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

                                                                                  - Anon 

Now, let's stop and think for a bit... Ahhhh that feels nice... We don't do that very often do we? Do we? Do we really? I mean, I regularly get judged for over-thinking and asking too many questions, but hey, someone has to think right?! I'm just doing double the thinking to compensate for those who don't, that's all! 

So, if we stop to think, we could potentially say that there is a whole other side to this artistic value conversation (that's not to say that there aren't many sides, because there are, I'm just not addressing them here - and, is this really a conversation? I feel like I'm just ranting, talking to myself, performing a monologue here... Oh wait...). 

So the other side of the argument is, all the artists care, they are all really passionate and they love their jobs... And the thing that they are passionate about is... *drum roll please* 

Exploiting the ignorant masses who don't actually know what they're listening too! Yes! 10 points to the pretty blonde in the front row who answered that one! 

I am going to give some credit to these artists and assume that it's not their ignorance or lack of care for music (and the world), but in fact their intelligence and knowledge of how much the human race, as a whole, has devolved emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, which makes them write such crap music. I mean, there's no way anyone in their right mind would put out some of the tunes I've heard recently... Have you heard Bubble Butt?

So, I have to assume, either they are insane or they are extremely good at making money off the millions of half-eared-listeners around the world, who seem to think it's acceptable to be pissed on, while someone calls it rain! 

In other words, it's not just the artist who may or may not have become ignorant, it is YOU the CONSUMER, who has grown so accustomed to the norm that you won't even stop to question if what you are listening to was made with ANY love whatsoever. That's what art should be! Made with love! We have become so ignorant, we are now comfortable with our ignorance, because there isn't any wit left to question, to inquire and to wonder... Is there more out there?

Is there a way I can actively contribute to the world by doing something I love? Is there a way I can show others I care about them by doing something I love? Isn't that the definition of making the world a better place? Is there any space left in our brains - what with Facebook and Shitstagram, short cuts here and mind numbing activities there - any space left to think? To care? 

To realize, we have just become relay terminals, points, little dots in a network of more relay terminals and information - most of which is useless - completely useless to us and our development as people, as humans, as a species! I mean, do I really care about what that cat is conveying with his face on 9GAG? Do I really care about that? How many minutes in a day, how many hours in a week, how many days in a lifetime do we end up spending on the superficial? How many I ask you? Add it up - it would probably be enough years in a lifetime to learn a new language, a new skill, make a new connection in our brains, which would in turn allow us to appreciate the world through new found eyes, eyes that we sorely need. 

Is there any space left in our brains to dream, to truly dream - none of this bumper sticker bullshit - to think, how am I going to achieve my dream instead of just sitting here on my arse? To think, to really think, to question, to drill, to interrogate those teaching you! That's what I do! And FUCK all of yous who laughed at me when I asked my 100th question! Fuck you! I was just trying to stop being a relay terminal, that's why this blog entry is so huge! Because I am actually processing information, I'm not just clicking the fucking share button assholes! 

Is there any space left in our brains to think, to want to be the change in the world, to wonder... Is what I'm listening to just a load of shit?