Missing Edinburgh

London has finally organized an awesome busking scheme. I've just signed up for a one-hour set in Trafalgar Square, just like I used to back in Edinburgh. I now get to wait, write this entry, admire this iconic place, listen to Nando's great music (he's playing 'Rocket Man' at the moment) and chill-out. I'm happy. I am also very nostalgic. This reminds me a lot of Edinburgh. I want to go there right now. All the guys from 'Occupied' are either there right now or going there soon. I miss them. A year ago today we were together. 

I've had a little cameo in Nando's set too, while he was playing A Horse With No Name, I joined in with that anthemic melody at the end of each chorus. I did this while sitting on my amp, facing him, amongst the audience... And then he looped the chords and nodded to me as he gave me a solo. This is what music is about. Or better yet, this is what street performance is about! We communicated as if we'd known each other for years - me and this performer called Nando Lynch (who turns out to be from São Paulo by the way! Haha). I'd never played that song before either, I love my ears...

I ended up playing Wonderwall with Nando as well. Then, as he packed up and the next performer, an italian called Andrea Carola, was setting up, I met this American lady who told me this crazy story about her daughter in law and her experiences with Islamic law in Abu Dhabi. There was a doctor who was willing to let her daughter die, as she was diagnosed with an Ectopic pregnancy, just because she wasn't married to her partner before she got pregnant. Gratefully, there was another doctor at that hospital. 

The next performer, Andrea Carola, is also very good. An amazing guitarist with a very soulful and intriguing voice. He reminds me of a cross between Eric Clapton and John Mayer - simply awesome! He is a very grateful performer who clearly values the opportunity and ability to perform in the streets of London. He kept thanking everyone who dropped a coin in his guitar case, and he seemed to appreciate the music and what was happening in front of him. He is a fine example of a musician who understands the meaning of the saying, "a musician is only as good as his last performance". I really admire musicians like that. 

I then started jamming with Andrea too! I couldn't help myself, he just played some classics like James Brown and I couldn't help myself! This lovely lady called Naghme Moghaddam managed to capture the moment in her photographs! She also got one of me sitting on my amp, writing this entry on my little journal. So that's it, if you want good music, you needn't go far people! Screw all this heartless top of charts bullshit and simply roam the streets of London for a few hours!