Thoughts On Happiness

"The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

                                                       - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

Everyone has their own spoon with their own two drops of oil and their own goal of not dropping it. In which case, my dreams and my objectives are the equivalent of the goal, the objective, the dream of not dropping the oil. 

That is why I appreciate a beautiful view out of a window, a 'marvel of the world' in other words, better when I am in the process of completing a goal, in the thick of trying to keep my oil from spilling. This happened in the process of writing this down when I looked out of the airplane window earlier today as we flew over the beautiful city of Lisbon. 

Sometimes the view is my objective, in which case it will make me happy just by existing, and I will be happy simply by being in it's presence. I may travel from very far just to see a sunset over Sintra mountain for example... And once I'm done appreciating it, I will move on to find another objective, something else to appreciate. 

Similarly, I often appreciate music better when I'm in the process of completing a task, a goal. In this case, the music is the equivalent of the view on the plane earlier today. Alternatively, the music may be the goal itself in the same way as the view, the act of listening to it can be my goal. It can therefore be my goal as well as my mediator. I like it when the music, the view, the marvel acts as the mediator, it reminds me that the journey is the destination. 

The view, the music, the beauties of life are our mediators - they are the mediums through which we may find our happiness - we just have to keep those two drops of oil on our spoon as best as we can while we appreciate them and we will be happy. We need to keep those two drops on the spoon, and we will. We won't try to keep them there, we will keep them there, because as a wise being once said, ''do or do not, there is no try''.

So what's your two drops?