Occupied at the Fringe!

Just 7 days left guys! Occupied is hitting the Fringe Festival on the 11th of August opening at the Royal Greenside Terrace at 17:15. We are currently in the middle of rehearsals, already stationed here in Edinburgh. Meanwhile I'm busking all over the city with some incredible opportunities to play on the Royal Mile. 

It was originally performed in Cambridge at the Corpus Playroom and I had the awesome experience of being part of the original cast, bringing a part to life, being amongst the first to perform Harry Buckoke's 'Occupied'. I've now been re-cast with that same part in this brand new piece of writing which won the 'RSC/Marlowe' Award in 2013. 

Its funny, quick witted, contemporary writing with some life drawing and forum theatre put in the mix! Check out our trailer by clicking here! You can get your tickets for a great price by clicking here, especially if you're a student like us! :p 

I hope to see all of you guys who are around Edinburgh there! Its gonna be great fun! 

Peace out!